Close to Everything… Far from Nothing

Wine tastings, wine tastings are held and initiated groups.

Canoeing, Alberche River is one of the classics in the practice of this activity. The usual length of descent can make has a length of 15km and begins in the arch bridge in Burgohondo to Sierra Light Factory Navaluenga, at the beginning of the reservoir Burguillo. The posibibilidad of water sports like canoeing and jet skiing are offered at only 15 minute drive, in Burguillo swamp.

Golf, for golf lovers, just 7km, La Dehesa is Navaluenga, a field of 9 holes located in a unique setting.

Paintball, Company established in Navaluenga, as they themselves are announced, Come with us and enjoy an unforgettable day of Paint Ball. Two teams and one winner. Aim and shoot. Adrenaline by clouds and fun, lots of fun. In our raw field staff safety first. They have a wide safety area with picnic where have the good times spent in the field. Two fields full of color and vitality, combining the splendor of nature, the wonderful scenery, etc..

Hiking, in order to spend a pleasant day while sports at different places knowing this spectacular environment BURGOHONDO. There 3 BURGOHONDO defined routes marked with beacons.